5 Easy To Follow Interview Tips

Easy To Follow Interview Tips

Small mistakes that occur during job interviews can make a difference between a job offer and “thank you for coming” response. So let’s go over certain aspects that have a big impact on your interiew performance.

1. Dress conservatively

If you are wearing a suit and tie and your interviewer is dressed in jeans and hockey jersey, it’s O.K. It’s a problem if it’s the other way around.

2. Don’t discuss personal convictions

You are a lifelong Republican and the guy across the table seems to be a like-minded person. So you mention your political beliefs and he turns out to be liberal Democrat. It’s definitely not a situation you want to find yourself in.

You get the point. You shouldn’t discuss your political affiliations, opinions on hot topics, passion for sport teams because a person interviewing you might not share your values.

3. Don’t volunteer private information

I doubt if anyone would ask you about private matters during an interview, but you shouldn’t offer such information either. Suppose that a person just went through a messy divorce and he discussed the situation during the interview. “Can he really focus on a job? “, would probably be one of the first thoughts on interviewer’s mind in this situation.

Therefore it’s best to keep information concerning family and personal life to yourself.

4. Divide your intention during a multi person interview

If you’re interviewed by more than one person, make sure that no one is feeling ignored. It is a common mistake to look only at the person who asked you a question. You have to remember to make an eye contact with everyone in the room during your answers.

5. Make a good impression

Things like a good posture (not too relaxed, but not too tight), confident facial expression, correct voice volume (not too loud, but not extremely quiet either) and your overall body language do matter.

Therefore you shouldn’t hesitate to ask family member or a friend to conduct a practice interview and give you an honest opinion on your performance. Also it is a good idea to rehearse in front of the mirror.

If you read this far, you must have found some useful information in this article. So make sure you don’t make mistakes described here and have a great interview!


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