Resume Length Vs Format – The Age Old Argument

Resume Length Vs Format

There are two discussions concerning resumes that seem to be around forever. Does it make sense to write a multi-page resume? Is chronological resume better than functional? So I decided to throw my two cents into the endless ocean of back and forth arguments.

1. Resume length

In my view it is best if you can describe your skills and experiences in one page. Employers are flooded with resumes these days and their attention span is not very good.

Therefore you must ask yourself the following question: “Will my two or three page resume contain information relevant enough to keep reading?” You should ponder the question very carefully. It can be a good idea to ask a fellow professional in your field for advice.

2. Resume format

Functional resume is ideal for someone who enters or re-enters job market. It would also work for a person who makes a career switch. In other words, functional resumes are for job seekers who have no relevant experience and need to highlight important skills.

Otherwise you are better off with chronological resume.

As you can see it took me just a short time to answer age old questions. I am kidding of course. The arguments about resume’s length and format will go on forever. However the bottom line is that each job seeker has to decide what works best for himself given his particular circumstances.


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