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There are two important employment trends that will shape job market in the near future. These forces are technology and outsourcing. As a result, we are going to face a job market that will be extremely competitive and more importantly, skill oriented.

Let me illustrate my point. Did you notice self service lines in local supermarkets? It’s a novelty now, but in the future most supermarket and department store lines will become self service. I also think many banks will move into the same direction. They will probably use some kind of smart ATM that will be able to do tasks that bank tellers perform now. Increasing number of phone and online customer support jobs will move abroad. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that many people employed in service industry such as clerks, cashiers and customer service representatives will lose their jobs.

Since a number of service jobs available will decrease, competition for remaining positions will become fierce. How do you protect yourself in such an unforgiving environment? There are two solutions in my opinion.

First one is obvious. If you don’t have marketable skills now, you must learn them either by going to school or through on the job training in some cases. In the foreseeable future demand will remain strong for medical and homecare professionals, top level computer programmers and network specialists, accountants (especially CPAs), lawyers and paralegals.

In my view outlook is also bright for professionals with rare skills such as furniture restoration specialists, people who fine tune musical instruments or repair electronics. Learning a rare skill can help you to earn a good income.

Of course there are services that can’t be easily automated. I think that demand for drivers, barbers, beauticians and flower services will remain strong. These jobs don’t require extensive education and provide modest but dependable income.

Second solution is to take an inventory of your current skills and decide if you can go in business for yourself. You can read more about various many making opportunities .

We are living in a rapidly changing business environment. You should follow developments in your industry closely in order to make proper adjustments.


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