The Best Assets to Invest in at the Moment

Investing In Wine

If you don’t want to invest on the stock market, there are other options for you to consider instead. Here are some of the top assets to invest in right now for people avoiding stocks and shares.


Most people who invest in wine make a steady return on their cash. It’s not the kind of investment that is going to make you rich overnight. But if you’re looking for something that is slow and steady, wine makes a great investment opportunity. This is why a lot of people buy good wine when they’re in their 30s or 40s and then sell it when they enter retirement. Wine gets better with age, so you could give your retirement pot a nice little boost if you invest in the right way.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are great at holding their value, so they make great investments for people who don’t have much investing experience. Atkinsons Bullion gold coins are pretty affordable, and you will be able to sell them on in the future for a profit. You can also invest in coins that have some kind of historical importance. Old coins are very desirable, and some of them can fetch huge sums of money at auction. It is harder to find them at decent prices though.


The art market has never been more buoyant than it is right now. This is a good thing for investors, but it does present some interesting challenges too. You have to be prepared to seek out the kind of works of art that are not yet worth a lot but might be in the future. Of course, if you can stumble across a Picasso, then you can retire tomorrow and live a life of luxury. But, unfortunately, that’s not very likely to happen for the vast majority of us. Instead, you have to think about the future appeal of a piece of work.

Investing In Art

Real Estate

The housing market is a pretty safe market to invest in at the moment. And the great thing about investing in homes is that they offer long-term and short-term options for investors. If you want to create a steady stream of income for yourself, you could buy homes and then rent them out. You will have rental income to rely on. And then if you want to make a bigger sum of money, you can sell the property and make a profit. The more success you get as a property investor, the more you can grow your portfolio.

Anything Collectible

Pretty much anything that’s collectible presents a good investment opportunity. Having said that, it’s usually best to ignore short-term fads that are popular with children or young people right now. Those kinds of collectible probably only have short-term appeal. The real money is made on items that have already stood the test of time and are still managing to hold their appeal. Items that are collectible include movie posters, props, old toys and vinyl records. So, start thinking about which you can invest in.


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