Top 10 Questions About Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance FAQs

Pet insurance in the United States has seen a year on year, double digit growth rate for more than a decade and a half. Due to the growing number of pets, increased lifespan, lower cost, and flexible coverage plans many pet owners in the United States are insuring their pets.

When we start reviewing pet insurance to choose a policy there are a few questions that we need to consider, below are 10 common questions that you might come across:

Question 1 – Will I get to choose my Veterinarian?

As pet insurance plans are quite similar to general insurance, you will need to check individual plans rules and requirements, check to verify if your local vet is included in the list offered by the insurance company.

Question 2 – Will my pet insurance include prescription coverage?

Many insurance plans have prescription coverage, as it is an important part of the insurance for your pet, as technology and research improves so does the availability of advanced drugs. However new drugs might be every expensive, and having a prescription coverage can be a boon during such a scenario.

Question 3 – Need For Neutering and Spraying?

Having spraying and neutering coverage might be essential in certain cases, as more and more pet owners are opting for these.

Question 4 – How much deductible?

Different plans will require different deductibles, this is a cost we pay before having our pets looked after by the vet. You can opt for pet insurance with low deductibles but remember that lower the deductible the higher will be the premiums.

Question 5 – What is the waiting period on pet Insurance?

With all insurances there will be a waiting period for the policy to take affect and will vary from pet insurance companies, check with the insurance company about the exact start and finish date of your pet Insurance before making the purchase.

Question 6 – Any Illness and Incident Caps for the Policy?

With most Pet Insurance policies there will be caps, they will all vary depending on the situation of your pet. Explore more about these caps before making your decision.

Question 7 – Should i look for a discount plan or a comprehensive pet insurance plan?

There is a difference, with a discount plan you pay annual fees to get discounted vet and related services where as a comprehensive pet health insurance plan works quite similar to general insurance.

Question 8 – Is the insurance company reputable?

Make sure you feel comfortable with your pet insurance company as they will be handling your claims. Choose a company that is willing to answer your questions and explain the claim procedures clearly.

Question 9 – Does my insurance cover routine check ups?

If you taking a comprehensive policy you should look for one that covers routine check ups and cover things such as immunizations, dental care, and heartworm testing.

Question 10 – What are excluded?

Again much a like general insurance, typical exclusions will be pre-existing conditions and hereditary defects. You can cover certain common exclusions by making additional payments.

Pet insurance is a recurring and an important expense, make a well informed decision.


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