5 Tips To Impress At Your Next Trade Show

Trade Shows

Trade shows can be exciting. Here is a chance for the industry as a whole to show off what it can do. The problem you’ve got is making your particular stall stand out from the crowd. And given how much money a stall usually costs, it’s almost an imperative that the day is a success. So what can you do to make sure you attract people to your booth? And what are the best ideas for making an impact?


Most people at trade shows are not retailers. And, unfortunately, that can let them down. Retailers are always on the look out for the best real estate – the places that have the highest footfall. They know that places with high footfall are the most valuable because of the sheer volume of people drives sales.

Most trade show attendees don’t consider this factor when planning aspects of their booth. Try to find somewhere that is near a major thoroughfare, or near to the main entrance if possible.

Or, if you know that there will be a very popular exhibit, try to get as close as you can to it and piggyback off its success.

Visual Appeal

Nothing is more attractive to visitors than a big, beautiful booth. Usually, you can grab attention with bright colours and big signage.

Whatever you do, don’t just get a table and sit there with a few leaflets spread out. You need to be bold and advertise your position from every direction.

If you’re not confident designing your own trade booth, there are professionals out there who can do that for you. Steelhead Productions, for example, will actually make a bespoke exhibit for each trade show. You can visit www.steelheadproductions.com/custom-rental-exhibits.html for details.

Offer Bargains

There might be good reasons for visitors to do business with your company in general, but do they have good reason to do business today? This is where you could be a little bit inventive. One thing you could try is offering discounts that people can only get by visiting your booth at the tradeshow. This way, the booth actually becomes a magnet itself, rather than just another marketing arm of your company.

Start A Competition

Another thing that can make a trade show feel like a special day are competitions. If you can generate a party atmosphere and a buzz around your stall, you can attract an awful lot more attention. To get a big crowd, hand out prizes publicly on the same and use it as an opportunity to show everyone what you do.


Trade shows are usually hot and people are on their feet all day. That’s enough to work up some serious hunger and thirst.

If you’re offering food and drink, you’ll naturally attract people to your booths. Just make sure that they’re compatible with your company’s brand. Companies like 4Imprint can do this for you. I’m not saying buy from them, but they have a large range of custom products at www.4imprint.com you can browse. You could offer anything from bottled water to microwave popcorn. And all would be displaying your promotion material.

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