Your Need-to-Know Guide to Working Offshore

Your Need-to-Know Guide to Working Offshore

Is it time to change your career? Well, you need to decide what you want to do with your life to properly make that decision. If you work in the engineering field but feel something is lacking you might consider switching to offshore working. Spending time on an oil rig could be just the perfect career path you’ve always wanted. But, you need to know if it’s right for you because it’s a big commitment and a significant life change. So, you can use this guide to help you make a decision about whether it’s the right choice for you.

Expect to be Outside a Lot

The one thing you can expect a lot when working offshore is to be outside. It will be you and the resort of your crew vs. the elements. This can be exhilarating and character building, but it can also be quite dangerous as well. You will need to make sure you have all the right safety gear and that you take warm clothing with you. The last thing you want is to be too cold or get ill and not be able to perform your job properly. If get you have issues working in the cold and wet then this certainly isn’t a career path for you.

You May Not See Your Family for a While

Something that might not occur to you when you first consider offshore work is the time away from your family. You could end up being there for months at a time and not seeing them. This can be very difficult and may well put a strain on your relationships. It’s something you will need to weigh up thoroughly before making a decision about whether to do this or not. Family is verity important and you may feel that it’s unfair on the kids for you to spend too long away. You might decide to talk to your prospective employers about this to see what their procedures are.

The Work Can be Intensive and Dangerous

One of the things you’ll have to learn quickly about working offshore is that the work can be intensive and dangerous. You have got to make sure you know what the dangers are and that you try to avoid them. You’ll be working outdoors, on an oil rig, with heavy equipment. The slightest mistake or lapse in concentration can lead to you causing a serious accident. This can have devastating consequences for you and others. You have to be prepared for this sort of intensity before you go. So make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, and try to get experience so you know what you’re doing.

Learn Thoroughly First

You have to understand that it is a completely different dynamic working offshore to any other sort of work. And you need to make sure you have experience for the role. A lot of these companies are going to be looking for people with experience. The work can be complex and hazardous, so you have to know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important to learn thoroughly before you apply for any roles. Go online and find out as much as you can about working offshore. You could even speak with people who currently do it, or companies looking for people. This is a good way of finding out about the process, and learning what you can. Of course, some first-hand experience wouldn’t go amiss either.

Understand Maritime Law

It’s hugely important that you take the time to ensure you have an understanding of maritime law. You will need to know about your rights as a worker offshore so this is crucial. And, one of the best things you can do to find this out is to get in touch with lawyers who specialise in it. For instance, you may decide to contact Zehl & Associates, PC and look at what they can offer you. Tell them you are going to be working offshore and that you are hiring them as your lawyers to look after you. That way, if you have an accident or get injured while working, you will already have the perfect people on board.

Decide Where You’ll Stay

You will also need to make a decision about where you want to stay when you are working offshore. You will probably be given some options when you are hired for the role. So you need to think about where you’re going to stay and hope this might be different to what you’re used to. You may find you have to stay in an offshore oil rig with the other workers for months at a time. This is almost like going away in the army in the sense that you spend long periods of time away from your family. And this is something you’re going to need to get used to and deal with. Making a decision about accommodation might be out of your hands. But, if it isn’t you need to try to make the best possible choice.

Look After Yourself

You need to make sure you’re careful when you work offshore. The conditions you work under will be treacherous and sometimes dangerous. And you need to make sure you are as careful as you possibly can be. There is an increased risk of accidents and injuries when you’re working offshore. So, try to make sure you are careful and vigilant when you are at work. Your work is very important because it is your livelihood. So looking after your well-being is essential when it comes to this kind of thing.

Working offshore presents a lot of opportunities for you, and gives you a different way of life. It’s great to be able to take part in offshore drilling or oil rig exploration. There are so many different kinds of roles you could do when you’re working offshore. You need to make sure you understand what working offshore is all about. Hopefully, you will have found this guide useful in keeping you informed about working offshore.


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