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Translation Services

The world is shrinking at a rapid pace and it is getting easier to increase the bottom line of your business by going global. However, one of the key challenges in going global is to effectively interact with prospective customers who speak different languages. It is a major misconception that English is the most widely spoken language in the world, the top two languages spoken by most people are Mandarin and Spanish. With a rapidly growing China and Latin American countries,  a business that is trying to capture new markets should convey their message to their prospective clients in these widely spoken languages.

While some companies consider this as a stumbling block, proactive companies consider this as an opportunity. With quality translation service like Translate Shark, even a business with a small scale of operation can go global and challenge the big businesses. A reputed translation service can help a small business to successfully win over a new target audience and to establish a business in a foreign country. Companies regardless of their size or annual revenues have to focus on emerging economies to ensure consistent future growth.

Countries with huge customer base like China, India and Brazil becomes all the more important for businesses.  Marketing department of a company might have a number of innovative ideas, however, the idea cannot be conveyed to the target group effectively without proper communication, and for effective communication the message should be conveyed in the local language.

The culture, national ethos, and local lingo vary a great deal, and a simple in-house word by word or sentence by sentence translation will not work anymore. It might even prove counter productive. There are professional freelance translators out there who can do a great job with native flair that a business needs. However, an established translation services company can simultaneously help a business to reach people speaking different languages. Such reputed translation services company is usually armed with with up-to-the-minute dictionary, technical terminologies, legal lingo and local anecdotes.

Not only businesses, bloggers, online marketplaces, novelists, tele-medicine service providers and other niche businesses will need good translation services in this rapidly changing world. For instance, an American Novelist can publish and distribute his novel in Hindi targeting the Indian Audience. However, for this to be effective the person or agency providing the service should not only translate the original novel perfectly, but also should make sure the resultant work is in sync with the sensibilities of the target audience. Only service providers with a proven track record and expertise can ensure that the resultant work is 100% faithful to the original work and at the same time meets the sensibility of the target audience.

While we often come across advertisements with translation mistakes that are little funny to outright annoying, in many cases, poor and inaccurate translation might result in very serious outcome. Poorly translated technical documents can prevent end users from making full use of a software or a technical platform. For example, if a medical equipment exporter, exports equipment with with poorly translated instruction documents, then the company can face very serious problems. There are cases in which medical companies have been prosecuted for poor translation work.

Research thoroughly and choose the right translation service company.


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