How Unpaid Child Support Can Affect Your Wages and Your Career

How Unpaid Child Support Can Affect Your Wages and Your Career

Child support is a serious matter and anyone who doesn’t pay court ordered child support can be in for a number of none-too-pleasant surprises. From prosecution on a federal level to statewide embarrassment on the Most Wanted lists, there are a number of ways in which the failure to pay child support can affect not only your wages but your very career as well. Any parent who is owed child support has recourse and there are lawyers who make a specialty of collecting child support for the custodial parent, but that isn’t really the only music you must face if you do owe a serious amount of delinquent support.

It All Began With the Deadbeat Dad Law of 1992

Actually, the Federal government didn’t give the law that moniker, as the law has come to be known. The actual law is titled the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992 and it is a far-reaching arm of the law that can even affect those parents living in another state. If the amount of arrears owed is greater than $5,000 the parent who owes the money can be prosecuted on a federal level if that money was owed for a period of time greater than a year and if it can be proven that non-payment was intentional. That’s pretty serious if the Feds get involved!

There Are Deadbeat Moms as Well

But in all fairness to dads across the nation who are the custodial parent, this law does pertain to deadbeat moms as well. There are times when the father has custody of the children and has obtained a lawyer to collect child support from his ex-wife, or the mother of his child or children. If payment is ordered by the court, to avoid payment of that amount can also be considered being in contempt of a court order that also carries misdemeanor charges in most states.

Can You Risk Public Humiliation?

If you intend to go anywhere at all in the professional world or at any level of respect on the job, it is imperative that you pay child support. Not only is it the right thing to do for your children but it can also be a major embarrassment for you as well. Did you know that most states have a Deadbeat Dad’s Most Wanted list that is published in a full page ad in newspapers once a month and is also broadcast on cable television up to 300 times a week?

The State of Iowa has reported that as many as 90% of those ‘missing’ have been located through this type of effort with the state’s poster program. How embarrassing would that be to have a potential employer recognize you from your picture hanging in the lobby of his bank or the local Safeway or Kroeger store?

Garnishment of Wages

Your wages can be legally garnished as well and there are times when a judgment can be made for up to 60% of your net pay if you owe a great deal of back child support and you have no other minor dependents you are supporting. That’s a serious amount to be garnished and should be taken seriously. States are now required to report all new hires to the state’s child support enforcement agency so you will be found and your wages can and will be garnished if there is a record of a child support order in that state.

Child Support Arrears Affect Your Credit Score

Many times being reported for owing back child support will have a serious impact on your credit score. You may be wondering how this can affect your wages and career but make no doubt about it, this can and will impact most professional positions. Did you know that most employers will run your credit history before completion of the application review process? Having that kind of negative mark on your history and ultimately impacting your credit score can seriously affect whether or not you will even be considered for the position. Most employers know that garnishment of wages may be on the agenda and also shy away from professionals who don’t meet familial obligations.

Child Support Laws Are a Serious Matter

Whether you are a deadbeat dad/mom or the custodial parent seeking child support, it is important to understand just how seriously the law takes this matter into consideration. It becomes even more grievous if the state in question has paid benefits to those children due to lack of child support from the non-custodial parent and the state will go after you as well as the custodial parent’s efforts to obtain back child support. If the parent of your child or children owes you back child support and is refusing to pay going forward you can go through the state’s legal system which could be a lengthy procedure or contact an attorney who specializes in collecting child support.

Don’t let those children suffer for lack of sufficient support. In the end, it’s the kids that suffer and that’s why the federal and state court systems take this matter very seriously. Child support is the law and it can and will affect your career.


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