Are You In The Wrong Job? Alarm Bells You Shouldn’t Ignore

Are You In The Wrong Job

For many of us, holding down a job is about securing an income. But it should also provide you with challenges, enjoyment, and satisfaction. We spend the majority of our lives at work, so it’s essential to find a job that gives you a level of fulfillment. If you’re unhappy at work, here are some alarm bells you shouldn’t ignore.

You dread going to work

Most of us experience the Sunday night blues to a degree. However, if you go to bed every night dreading getting up and going into work, there’s something wrong. Even your dream job probably wouldn’t be fun every day. But life can be miserable if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy at all. If you’re at this stage, why not start looking for another job? You don’t have to hand in your notice, but start searching online and listen out for opportunities. If you have a specific role in mind, the Internet is a great place to start. You can search for a good source for human resource job vacancies, for example.

Your job makes you stressed all the time

It’s normal to experience work-related stress. However, there are different levels of stress. If you feel under pressure all the time, and it’s affecting every area of your life, it’s time to make a change. Are you finding it hard to switch off at home? Are you constantly thinking about the next meeting or pitch? Do you feel like you’ve never got enough hours in the day? Is stress affecting your mood, your relationships or your sleep patterns? If you’re stressed out all the time, maybe this isn’t the job for you. Life is for living, not spending all your time chasing your tail.

Your job is taking over your life

Do you work overtime every day? Do you take work home? Are you away with business frequently? If so, your job may be taking over your life. If you don’t have time for other things, this can affect your social life and your relationships with others. If you have a partner, they may feel like they’re not a priority. If you have kids, you may be missing out on precious moments like putting them to bed each night. You may lose contact with friends and miss out on family gatherings. It’s good to work hard. But your job shouldn’t take over your life. You need to find a role that offers you a better work-life balance.

Your job is affecting your mood

Are you grumpy when you get home from work? Have the people closest to you commented on your mood? Are you falling out with others or arguing all the time? Do you feel low angry or frustrated? When you’re stressed, you don’t enjoy your job, or you don’t feel valued, it can take its toll. You should never stick with a job that affects your personality. If this happens, look for a new opportunity.

Finding a dream job may not be an attainable goal for all of us. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s ok to stay in a job that makes you miserable. If you have career aspirations, take steps in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to start looking around for other openings. Changing job can be daunting, but it may also be hugely rewarding.


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