Take It to Social Media!

Whether it’s for sharing wellness tips or your experiences while traveling the world, bringing your content to social media is one of the best ways to get discovered and build a strong online presence. A lot of bloggers are using social media to boost their reach and connect with their audience directly. According to the online MBA department at Villanova University, there are some top social media sites that you must use to connect with a vast number of people. Facebook is still leading the pack with over 900 million monthly visits, followed by Twitter and its 300+ million monthly visits.

You can also rely on various apps to make sharing that much easier. IFTTT, for example, can help you share a piece of content across multiple social media platforms through automation. Buffer, on the other hand, is great for scheduling and sharing contents that are already online (i.e. your latest blog post).

Social Media Infographic
Villanova MS in Analytics

Find out more about How to Make It Big with Social Media with the infographic by taxandbusinessonline.villanova.edu.


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