Stay Safe from Technological Turmoil

Stay Safe from Technological Turmoil

You know the fundamentals of running a successful business: you know how to focus on your customer base and you know how to manage your employees effectively — but do you know how to deal with disaster when it strikes your business? More specifically, do you know how to deal with disaster when it strikes the technology that is so fundamental to your business? Modern technology is both a blessing, and a curse — it can allow you to do great things each and every day, but it can also bring your whole world crashing down when it, well, crashes. Unfortunately, no piece of technology can come with a guarantee of never crashing, but there are ways to guarantee that everything you need in your little world is safeguarded.

Back it up yourself

If you want something doing properly, do it yourself. The best way to guarantee that your crucial business information is never in danger of disappearing is by regularly backing it all up yourself. Although this may be more time consuming than other options, the act of physically backing up your information on, say, on USB flash drive or a memory stick is a way of you not only being able to know that a backup has taken place, but being able to protect it yourself. This peace of mind is unparalleled — but just don’t lose the memory stick when you’re on the go!

Cloud Storage

In the world of today, time is everything. Customers demand not only quality work for the money they pay, but they expect it quickly. Imagine then you lose everything you’ve been working towards providing for a customer that has paid for a certain service, and you seemingly can’t find it anywhere, and you’re due to provide it to them tomorrow. With storage such as Cloud Storage, you can rest assured that everything you could ever possibly need is exactly where you need it.

Data recovery

A more thorough way of dealing with a loss of data after a ‘natural’ disaster takes place and your computer finds itself at fault or failing: data disaster recovery and failover procedures are vital in recovering, restoring and repairing within minutes all of the data on the device that is so pivotal to the success of your business.

Troubleshoot your internet connection

You are probably using the internet for everything these days, like most other businesses — check these four unbelievable ways they are — so it’s important to make sure you know what to do when your internet goes down. Some tips on how to do so include checking to see if your router’s LED status indicators are on (if they’re not, then that is your problem); checking to see if you are experiencing channel interference (if you are, then try changing your Wi-Fi channel using the router management console); and if any of the above don’t work, try rebooting your router (if that doesn’t work, try resetting to its factory defaults and performing a fresh install).

With the possibility of the little online world you create for your business being able to be destroyed with one click of a button, it is pivotal to make sure everything you need is safeguarded. Make sure to check these other ways of making sure your business is more secure.


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