Choosing The Perfect Job – What You Should Consider

Choosing The Perfect Job What You Should Consider

Job offers are like buses – you wait for ages for one and three appear at once. Although it seems like the dream scenario, it means you have a big decision to make. Which job offer do you choose and which ones do you reject? Just when you think the hardest part is over, another hurdle pops up out of nowhere and knocks you back to square one. There is no need to worry, though, because it is a good situation to be in, so much better than having no offers. And, there is a foolproof way to pick the perfect offer. Yes, all you have to do is consider the roles, what they have to offer, and the organizations. Once you do this, the picture will seem a lot clearer.

Here are the areas you want to concentrate on before you say yes.

The Environment

One job might provide you with all the money you ever dreamed of, whereas one might not be so lucrative. So, you go for the money, right? No, not necessarily because money isn’t everything. You need to be able to live with yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning, if you don’t like the person looking back at you, life can seem unfulfilling. So, it’s time to think about the environment of the workplace. Is the office friendly? Do they accept new people or they are bullies? Is it clean? All of these questions should come into consideration at some point. Otherwise, you will sell your soul for a few bucks, which seems cool at first, but the novelty wears off fast.

The People

Talking about acceptance, it’s a good idea to think about the people. Now, this is a hard one because you won’t know your potential colleagues. And, to make a judgment from a brief hello is illogical. Still, you always get a gut feel for a group of people, and you should listen to your gut. First impressions are a huge deal as it cements your judgments from an early stage. After you judge someone, it’s hard to change your mind. So, do they seem friendly? Or, do they seem too friendly as if they will use you to their advantage? On a different note, also consider their abilities. Working in a team means you will have to lean on them and vice versa. If they aren’t up to the task, the bulk of the workload will end up on your shoulders.

Extra Curricular Benefits

Some advantages are too good to turn down. And, nope, that isn’t a reference to a bag full of money. Individual employers like to look after their employees as they know it will help the firm. So, they provide people with the opportunity to take a master of arts in leadership and organizational studies or any other subject. The topic isn’t important, but the opportunity is a significant one. Further studies while working are like gold dust as you need to find the time and money to make it happen. In your case, your future employer is giving you both resources. Anyone with a master’s degree of a Ph.D. will always have their pick of job roles, which is why it is such a good incentive.

Overall Benefits

Okay; let’s talk about money. There is no doubt that your monthly wage is going to play a big part in which offer you choose. After all, you have bills to pay and a family to consider. With that in mind, you will want to make sure that the financial incentives are in order. Is the wage enough to live off for the foreseeable future? Will it rise? Are there bonuses available? Every single one of these questions is a vital one, so don’t feel guilty for thinking about the money. But, there is also no need to only think about your bank balance. Money helps, but so does job security and flexibility. If you have kids, for example, you will need to build your work around life and not the other way around. Employers that aren’t flexible won’t let that happen, which will put you in a tricky situation. However, if they don’t mind you starting late to take the kids to school, all will go smoothly. A work/life balance is imperative in any job.

Job Security

Let’s focus on job security a little more because it’s major factor in any job. For obvious reasons, you want to pick the role which will provide you with the most security. There is nothing worse than starting a new job and having to look for a different one six months later. Not only is it exhausting, but it’s a waste of time as there is no need to be in that position. Why not? It’s because insightful people can see it coming from a mile away. All it takes is a little time to look at the industry. If the sector seems as if it’s on its knees, your time at your new job could be short. However, far too many people don’t even think about the state of the industry before they make their decision. All they see is the fancy office or big paycheck and they go running. Anyone that wants job security can’t afford to make the same mistake.

Glass Ceiling Effect

On the flip side, you don’t want to stay in the same role until you die. The thought is enough to make a person queasy, which is why you need to look for a glass ceiling. So, where do the opportunities end? If the answer isn’t high up the corporate ladder, the chances of a promotion might be slim. Take the NHS in the UK as an example. The people at the top have incredible job security and a healthy wage, but they can only progress so far. Once they get to level 5 or 6, they can’t climb much higher.

If you are happy with this scenario, that’s fine. Still, don’t come to a decision without thinking about it first.


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