Beginners Guide To Gold Investment

Invest In Gold

Investing in gold isn’t new. In fact it is one of the oldest forms of investment. The metal is valued all over the world and has been a consistent prized metal since antiquity. The Spanish trafficked it from America when they found the new world and gold mines have forever been exploited. There was a time that a nation’s wealth was measured in gold, that’s why fort knox is still full of it and indeed one of the best guarded places in the world. Gold is readily accessible. Anyone can invest in it, you don’t need to be a millionaire or someone who already has huge assets. If you enjoy investing, then gold can be a great bet, and a worthy addition to any portfolio. Unlike stocks and indices, gold literally gives you a physical product to hold and feel, which is why it can be quite attractive. Your money actually gets you something instead of disappearing into the ether as it does with stocks. However, as attractive as gold investment is it can still be a tricky minefield where mistakes can happen and prove disastrous. These tips can help you stay on the straight and narrow. You may have considered some, but read on and you may find something else you needed to know.

Gold is only as good as where you buy it. That means there are countless scam artists out there selling gold that is not as pure as it should be. Cut with other metals or made to look good when it is in fact tainted. To get around this you need to approach a good dealer, like the USGoldBureau. Remember that all good gold will be stamped and certified. Attesting to its origin and purity. You need this as it makes selling much easier further down the line.

Investing in gold is great if you want to keep your wealth outside the banking platform, which many people do these days, especially those who don’t trust in the banks due to them collapsing on occasion. You can also avoid counterparty risk by using gold investments. There are some drawbacks though, there can sometimes be a lack of yield and return, so you need to be well clued up and do your research. There is also huge price volatility, which means you should never invest in it if you want a quick return and only for longer holdings. Sure, it can happen on occasion, but for the most part you need to ensure you show care or risk a loss.

Buying gold is fairly simply. You need to wait until the price slightly drops before you buy. There are also trends to watch out for. Summer is a great time to buy as the bankers and investors are usually on holiday which means the time is attractive to buy. The mantra buy low, sell high is important here, but remember trends are general and not set in stone. You can leverage out by buying gold throughout the year, more when low less when high for the better results.


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