Introverts! Find Your Perfect Job!

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Do you prefer your own company to that of others? Or do you enjoy mixing with others but it can leave you drained and tired? Or maybe group settings leave you cold? Then you just might be an introvert, and unfortunately for introverts like us, choosing a career can be a bit of a tough decision. That is because a lot of jobs rely on the ability to interact and spend all of your time with others like sales, customer services and even just being in an open office situation. But fear not because there are a few roles out there that are just perfect for introverts. Read on to find out more.


One of the best job for folks that like to spend some serious amount of time on their own is writing. Not so much newspaper journalism, but creative or informative writing. This is because of the academic nature of the work, and they fact that you have to concentrate hard, so you really need some time alone in which to get your work done.

It’s also a perfect focus for introverts often have wonderful imaginations as they are often most concerned with concepts and ideas. Then they can get to use this in a constructive way in their own writing.

Practically, it necessitates only a minimal contact with a few choice individuals such as an agent and editor. Where you are likely to be able to build up a positive one to one relationship suiting the introvert down to the ground.

Of course, if you hit the big time then things may be a little different. With social media interactions with your fans and critics. As well as face to face panels and conferences to deal with.

Delivery Drivers

Now, this is one of the most popular job roles for introverts. Why? Well, it’s because it provides a good mix of time spent alone, in the cab of your van, or on your cycle or motorbike, As well as brief encounters with customers and your employer throughout the day.

In this way, you get to balance the time that you spend with people with time alone enabling you to recharge again, and not putting too much of a strain on you psychologically.

Such a career isn’t without its risks, though. In particular road safety is a huge issue for anyone driving for a living. Especially if what they are driving is a small vehicle or even a push bike. As these can incur serious damage when colliding with things like 18 wheeler trucks!

Of course, you can get help from truck accident lawyers for your recent truck accident. But the best thing is to try and avoid them all together. As they can seriously endanger your health as well as your livelihood.


Lastly, another role that is popularly cited as being suitable for introverts is that of a scientist or lab technician.

This role can work well for introverts with an interest in the sciences because it’s likely that you will be working alone or with a very small group of people on a given project, at any one time.

Again it is a quite environment which you have a fair amount of control over. It’s also a role that doesn’t require you to engage in idle chit chat throughout the day which introvert can find very draining, as it requires focus and concentration.


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