Want To Help Others? These Are The Careers For You

Want To Help Others

Your dream career depends on so many things. For starters, you need to make enough money to live a comfortable life. Then, you need to ensure you have the flexibility to have a life outside of work. Oh, and don’t forget that the work needs to challenge you every time you go into the office. There is so much to think about that you can almost forget that your personality has a huge say. Yep, whether you’re an introvert or you like to help people, there is a career which suits your personality traits down to the ground.

These are the jobs for people that want to help others.

Occupational Therapist

A typical therapist helps people work out their mental problems because the brain is a complex tool. Occupational counselors are different because they assist people with physical limitations. You might have to deal with someone that has a permanent disability but who wants a better quality of life. Or, you might need to remind a person with a terrible injury how to use their limbs. The job is varied and difficult, but it is very gratifying when it works out in everyone’s favor. You will need a master’s degree and a license before you are a varied shrink.

Director Of A Non-profit

Did you know that some companies aren’t bothered by making money? Yep, stop the front pages because it’s true! Not-For-Profit organizations, for example, don’t worry about revenue streams as they have a bigger mandate. They have to help people in bad situations get better, and they do in a lot of cases. The main example is a charity. Legitimate charities like UNICEF help children that are in need, or that live in dangerous places. As the director, you would have a lot on your plate, and you do need to get results. But, as long as you do, the government or lottery funding will take care of the costs.

Emergency Management

What is an emergency management job you ask? In layman’s terms, it’s a team of people that know how to prep and respond to disasters. As a part of the team, you can help people in areas of the world that are prone to disasters avoid them or rebuild after an incident. Do you remember the earthquake in Haiti in 2010? So do emergency management professionals because they were on the ground putting things back together. You will need an emergency management master’s degree to climb the ladder, but it’s well worth it in the end. After all, these people are the most vulnerable and need your help.


The thought of being a nurse doesn’t appeal to a lot of people. But, then again, they aren’t you. The role might appeal to you because of your nature. On a daily basis, you get to help the sick, the injured, and the hurt. Whatever form that takes, you will be on hand to offer assistance. Okay, the hours are long and the money is decent, but the job satisfaction is high.

Plus, there is a world shortage at the moment.


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