7 Industries Most in Need of Backup Power

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When it comes to disaster preparedness, too few businesses are really ready for major disruptions in basic services such as power and water. While some types of businesses may be able to get away with a day or two without electricity or water, there are other businesses that could experience major problems with just a few minutes without power. Here are seven industries most in need of backup power. If your business falls within any of these general categories, it is suggested that you look into generators for sale at your earliest convenience. You never know when a catastrophe might strike!

1) Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Obviously when there are patients on the floors or residents in need of medical care, it is critical to have backup power in the event of a blackout. Not only are operating rooms and patient monitoring equipment dependent upon power, but can you imagine the pandemonium if the facility were suddenly thrust into total darkness? From life support machines to basic lighting, hospitals and nursing homes are most in need of backup power because lives depend on it.

2) Bakeries and Restaurants

Any industry that requires heat or refrigeration is also dependent on power. Restaurants and bakeries could lose an entire inventory with just a few hours without power. Cold foods will quickly go below safe storage temperatures as will hot foods fall below safe holding temperatures as well. To ensure no loss of consumables, it is best to keep backup power on hand.

3) Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are also dependent upon refrigeration and even a gap of a few hours sans power could cause major loss in many large grocery stores in the nation. Once meats and seafood have defrosted, it is unsafe to refreeze without cooking, so entire freezers full of food could be lost.

4) Gas Stations

Anyone who has ever lived through a hurricane knows the importance of backup power in gas stations. It’s all well and good to have a generator but without fuel to power it, how would you use it? Those gas pumps we all take for granted are powered by electricity, so if the power goes off for an extended period of time, how would you fuel your generator? Gas stations need electricity to operate.

5) Banks, Jewelers and Storage Facilities

Any type of business that keeps valuables in vaults or storage absolutely needs backup power. How many times have you heard of looting after a major disaster? The reason looters are able to enter the streets en masse is because many businesses don’t have backup power to keep their places of business well lit and their vaults secure.

6) Security Firms

Speaking of security, this is another industry dependent upon electricity. What good will a security firm be if your alarm doesn’t register with them for lack of power? You may have a generator but if your security firm doesn’t, they are all but useless to you in times of need.

7) Internet and Telecommunications Providers

There was a time when telephone companies had to have backup power so you could communicate with emergency teams if needed during a major disaster. However, now you can add internet to the mix because accessing the web is another form of communication, especially since so many homes and businesses have VOIP telephony.

Of course, it goes without saying that police, fire and emergency responders need backup power as well. But those are typically run by governments and not private businesses that need to be concerned with backup power. Federal, state, and local governments know that each of these must have emergency power so you are probably safe there as long as you have backup power and a line of communication.


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