5 Ways To Make Your Company Look More Professional

Most Businesses Make These Mistakes, Does Yours

Appearance is important in business. How you compose yourself and your company can have an impact on your credibility – by looking clean and organised, people will expect the same of your service. Here are a few ways that you can make your business look more professional.

Increase your online presence 

Having a large online presence can make people think you’re a big and established company, even if you do happen to be just one man operating from his living room. On top of a website, you should aim to have some form of social media (ideally Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) as well as a few online reviews if possible. You should regularly update your social media to show people that you’re active and you should try and persuade as many friends and family as you can to like and follow these pages to give you a sense of having a following. As for reviews, get all your happy clients to leave positive testimonials – this will outweigh the negative reviews left by unhappy customers and trolls. An online marketing company may be able to help, also potentially offering services such as online ads and SEO. All of this will make your company look big and professional.

Create an email signature 

When sending emails, you can make them look more official by adding your own email signature. This is much like the signature to a formal letter and should contain your company name, address and other contact details. You can even place your brand’s logo here, plus a link to your website.

Order business cards 

People are still impressed by business cards, even if they are just a bit of card. Handing them out to clients can make you seem more official when out of the office. Many companies produce business cards at cheap rates. You should bring them everywhere with you. You could be at a social gathering and someone could be interested in your company – offering them a card will prove that you’re legitimate and give them an easy point of contact.

Introduce a dress code 

Dress codes can add to your professionalism in many ways. They can help match the formality of your clients or alternatively be used to promote branding that give your company a greater sense of identity. A dress code needs to be practical. In a medical setting, you’ll likely want something loose-fitting for easy movement as well as easy to clean such as these white swan bio scrubs. In a manual labour job, you could need tough protective gear that is also easy to move in. Suits are better suited for the office and could be to restricting or overly formal in many jobs.

Consider a company vehicle 

If you often have to drive to meet clients, you’ll want your vehicle to look the part. Your vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive and showy, but should look clean and undamaged. Investing in vehicle branding will also show people that it’s not a personal vehicle and that you’re dedicated to promoting your brand.


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