Tips for Interacting with New Clients

The Challenges That Every Business Has to Overcome Before Finding Success

Getting a call from a new client is exciting, but it also comes with extra work on your part. You’ve never worked with this person before, so there’s no history to refer to as your foundation. You have to be prepared and quick on your feet so you keep them interested in your services.

If you’re unprepared, it’s likely you’ll rub your new client the wrong way and they’ll find someone else to work with. Talking to an unfamiliar voice is different than when you’re conversing with clients who’ve been with you for years. See these tips for interacting with new clients.

Ask Questions

Initial contact is the perfect time to ask questions and collect information. Have a set of questions you ask each potential client so you aren’t scrambling to think of topics at the last minute. It’s your job to keep the conversation going strong and get all of the information you need to do your job out of them. They may be nervous or shy, so be patient with them and call them back if you need extra time to discuss.

Be Sensitive

Although you’re a highly skilled professional, there’s nothing wrong with showing your softer side at a time like this. For example, personal injury lawyers at the Babcock Partners are faced with this each day as they discuss highly sensitive topics with their clients. These people have been in car accidents and endured other tough situations and might be shaken up. Be kind and understanding about what they’re going through and give them a break if they’re a little off their game. Show your new client that you care about their wellbeing and genuinely want to help and see them succeed.

Explain your Processes

Your new caller may have no idea how the law or financial systems work. This is why they’re reaching out to you in the first place. Explain the process of working with you and any fees they’ll be hit with from the start. Let your potential client know how you like to work and the next steps you’ll be taking in their case. Be as detailed as possible so your new client feels comfortable working with you. Speak slowly and use laymen terms they understand, instead of lingo or jargon you use at your company or firm.

Follow up

Take the time to follow up, even if you’ve decided it’s not a good fit that you work together. Give them a courtesy call within an appropriate amount of time and explain what you’re thinking regarding their case or questions you have. Use this call as a time to fill them in on any additional research you’ve done and where you see the relationship heading in the future. Following up to your initial contact will show your client that you’re responsible and professional.


Acquiring new clients isn’t always an easy process. That’s why it’s important to have an initial first meeting. These are tips for interacting with new clients.


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