Have You Outgrown Your Office?

Have You Outgrown Your Office

Moving to a larger office brings so many benefits. It gives you the space you need to expand and it makes you look far more professional when you’re meeting with potential clients. It’s tempting to upgrade as soon as you’ve got the cash but it’ll cost you more than you realize most of the time and if you overstretch yourself before you’re ready, you could end up sinking your business for good. Equally, if you wait too long before moving to a larger space, you won’t be working at your full potential. So, how exactly do you know when it’s time for an office move?

You Need More Space 

This is the most obvious thing. When you start out it isn’t likely that you’ve got a huge amount of employees but as you start to become more successful you’ll be hiring more people to cover the extra workload. For a few months you can make do with the space you’ve got and cram people in where you can but after a while, it’s just not going to be viable anymore. When you find yourself struggling to carry out basic tasks because of a lack of space, that’s when you need to move.

You Can Afford It 

This is a big one. Regardless of anything else, you have to wait until you can actually afford to move office before you try to do it, otherwise, you’ll be in trouble. There are a lot of costs involved, many that you might not have considered. You’ll have to get companies like https://www.mybekins.com/location/tucson-az-movers/ to help you move all of your stuff to the new office, then you’ll have to pay the rent on the new premises and hire the staff to fill it, but the costs don’t stop there. There are so many other small costs that you won’t even have considered like buying new computers, disposing of all of the stuff in your old office, and paying exit fees on an old lease if you’ve broken it early. Moving office before you can afford it is one of the biggest business mistakes that you can make.

Staff Problems 

The wrong office can have a tangible effect on your staff and their productivity. An overcrowded or a dirty office will make your staff uncomfortable and when people aren’t in a comfortable environment, they won’t work as effectively. If you find that you’ve got a morale problem amongst staff, there could be all sorts of reasons for it. Have a good look at your operation and see if you can identify any other problems, if you can’t then it could be your office that is the problem. Visit https://londondesigncollective.com/interior-design/10-ways-to-improve-staff-productivity-through-office-design/ for some great tips on improving employee productivity through good office design.

Accessibility Issues 

Depending on what your business is, clients may need to visit you often. If you make it hard for them to get to you then they might start thinking about going elsewhere. If your office is in the middle of nowhere and you always have people saying that they had a nightmare trying to get there, you should probably move. You want to find somewhere that is near a main road and well signposted.

When you’re not seeing any of these signs, it’s best to make do with what you’ve got at the moment.


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