Building Your Garden Office From The Ground Up

Building Your Garden Office From The Ground Up

Working from home can be an amazing thing. You’ll get to avoid those early morning chats by the coffee machine, being pestered by your boss, and you’ll be able to avoid that stressful commute every morning and evening. If you do decide to work from home, you’ll need a place to work which is separate from the rest of your home, and allows you to work without being distracted by anything. This is why many people have opted to build their own office in the garden, and here’s how you can too…

Planning permission

If you want to build an office with a bigger area than 15m2, you will need to consult your local authority for some planning permission. You will most likely need to follow some simple regulations such as the location and fire safety when you come to build the structure so make sure to check with the relevant people.

Choosing the right size

Once you’ve gained the acceptance from the planning authorities, you will need to decide how large the space needs to be in order to accommodate for all of your equipment and documents. Work out how large you want your desk pace to be, as well as where the computer will go, any other equipment and of course, a fridge and kettle for you to use during the day.


There are 2 major materials you can use for your office building: steel and wood.

If you choose steel, you can look at Armstrong Steel reviews and hire the professionals to come in and help you design and build a weather-resistant structure which will keep out the cold and also offer extra security.

However, if you are looking for something which will blend into the garden outside, you may opt for a wooden structure instead. Wood is natural and will look right in place with the rest of your garden. You can choose the colour and type of wood and create a wood cabin in the backyard.

Base for your Garden Office

Once you’ve gone over all the basics, you will want to start building work on your masterpiece. The first step to your new office is the foundations. You’ll need solid foundations under the floor to ensure that you don’t get any damp in the space where you keep your electricals.

Insulation, wall thickness and windows

Once your foundation is built and everything is solid, you can begin to build your new office from the ground up. You’ll be building walls, insulating them thoroughly to protect you against the elements, and making sure that your roof is the best quality it can be. You will also want to make room for a window in the office to bring some natural light into the area and also allow you to look out into your garden.

Moving In

Once your new office is fully kitted out, you can move in and turn it into your perfect, productive workspace. It will take a while for you to arrange everything just as you like it, but once you do it will make your working days that much more enjoyable.


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