Smart Ways Your Business Can Save Energy

Smart Ways Your Business Can Save Energy

Many companies both large and small are now looking to try and save energy and make their company greener. Not only is this a better way to look after the environment, but it is also a trait that many customers want from the companies they use. How can you run a business and maintain production, while still attempting to save energy? Here are a few of the ways you can make your company greener.

Appoint Responsible Workers

When you are thinking of ways that your company can save money, you might not be able to think of all the options. You also need a way to check that the new rules are being met. By appointing someone from within your company to act as an energy marshal or green champion, you can make it easier to implement the changes. Your green champion will need to assess if the workers are following the new rules and suggest ways to make it more effective.

Offer Incentives

One way that you can generate interest in your workers and encourage their participation is to offer rewards and incentives to saving energy at work. You can split your workers into teams or have an individual prize depending on how they have saved energy in a month. You can assess the progress by using the green champion to do spot checks or monitor performance.

Get the Best Energy Deal You Can

Try speaking to your existing energy provider and see if there is any way they can help you to save energy. It might be that they can offer solar panels, or give you an improved deal on your energy usage. There are utility providers in Mississippi that can help you get a good deal while still helping the environment. They may be able to install a smart meter in your offices so that you can monitor your energy use and make adjustments accordingly.

Make it Official for New Staff

When you have new staff join the company, make it part of their contract that they understand and support your company’s commitment to saving energy. It will help them to focus on the job at hand and prevent wasting of electricity. You can also give them a handout that outlines their responsibility, and the ways they can help, such as turning off lights.

Remember to Keep It Simple

You don’t want to bombard your workers with lots of information that they might not understand. Remember to keep things easy and simple to follow. For example, you can set up a tea rota so that the kettle is boiled less often, Similarly, don’t have one or two people working in each office when you can have them all move into one. That will save money on lighting and heating.

If you are looking to start running your company a little greener, then why not see if any of these ideas can get you started. Once your staff are onboard, it makes things a lot easier.


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