Important Things You Should Include In Every Job Ad

Important Things You Should Include In Every Job Ad

As a business owner, one of your biggest assets is your employees. Without them, your life would be one hundred times harder, your business would be less productive, and you would be earning less money. That’s why, when you advertise job positions, it’s important to get the ad just right. Otherwise, you’ll have people applying that don’t fit the role. Here are some of the most important things that you should include in every single one of your job ads, and how to get them just right.

Job Title

A job title is the first thing that’s going to catch the attention of your potential employees, so it’s important to get it just right. Your job title should be enticing and attractive, but should also properly reflect the role for which it’s intended. If your title doesn’t really match up with the job role, then you are going to have people applying for a job they’re not really prepared for, and lose out on great potential employees because the job didn’t sound right for them.

Job Summary

Even if two companies are advertising the same job, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the job responsibilities are going to be exactly the same, so it’s always important to give a summary of the job, and its responsibilities in the advert. Potential employees are also looking to get a feel of the company in the job summary, so try not to be too boring and clinical about the job responsibilities, and add a bit of flare, or you could put off great candidates.

Qualifications & Requirements

Most jobs have at least a couple of things that they require all of the candidates to have or be, so it’s important that you put these on the advertisement so that you don’t have a load of unqualified people applying for the role. For example, if you’re advertising a highly skilled job, then you might require a degree and a set amount of years of experience. However, make sure that you’re not writing down “requirements” that are really “prefered to be’s” or you could risk losing out on some great employees.

Pay Scale

Money is most people’s motivation to go to work every day, so it makes sense to disclose your pay scale on your ad. Otherwise, you could go through the process of interviewing someone, only for them to pass on a job offer, because the pay isn’t what they were looking for. If you use the salary benchmarking services from Croner, you can ensure that your pay is competitive, so that you don’t lose candidates to other companies.

Specific Location

While a lot of people are willing to travel to get to work, there is a different limit for everyone, so it’s important that you disclose specifically where the job is situated. Like with the pay scale, the last thing that you want to do is disclose the distance that you candidate has to travel in the late interview stages and have them turn down a position after all of the work that you’ve put in.

The quality of candidates applying for a role in your company depends mostly on how well and accurately you’ve written the job advertisement, so make sure you get it just right and follow the advice above.


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