How to Save Energy in Your Organization

How to Save Energy in Your Organization

Businesses will use a considerable amount of energy annually, which can impact both planet Earth and the company’s bottom-line. To protect our planet and boost your profit margin, read how you can save energy in your organization.

Renegotiate with an Energy Supplier

You could be throwing money down the drain by accepting expensive energy bills with each passing year. It might be beneficial to contact an energy supplier to renegotiate a new deal, which will allow your business to pay a fraction of the amount without compromising on energy usage or efficiency. If an energy supplier refuses to review your tariff, consider turning to a more affordable, dependable provider.

Choose the Right Pump

Most businesses will use at least one form of pump to power their company, such as heat or trash pumps. Yet, the wrong pump could waste a considerable amount of energy, as it might not be the right size or speed, or it might have been set-up incorrectly. If you want to maximize your energy usage and reduce your bills, you should opt for the right pump size, design and installation.

Educate Your Employees

As your employees will be responsible for using gas, electricity and water in the workplace, you should aim to make your employees more self-aware of their energy consumption across the business. Educating your employees to turn off taps, lights and reduce the temperature could help to decrease your energy bills.

Review Your Energy Consumption

Many businesses could knowingly or unwittingly be wasting energy every day, which can quickly add up to an expensive annual bill. It is therefore essential to track and monitor energy consumption across the business, before making the necessary changes.

For example, are members of staff leaving their computers running 24 hours per day? Do you leave lighting on in the office at night? Encourage staff to save their work and shut down their systems each night, and to turn off any lighting when necessary. You might be surprised by the difference it could make to your energy usage.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats will allow your company to take control of its energy consumption. The innovative device will ensure your staff are never too hot or cold, as you can schedule a furnace or air conditioning to turn on to a specific temperature at a pre-determined time – so you will not have to worry about leaving the AC unit running when the business has closed its doors for the night. You can also schedule the thermostat to raise a room’s temperature before the start of the working day, so your employees will be less tempted to crank up the thermostat.

Invest in Solar Power

Make electricity bills a thing of the past by investing in a solar power system. Solar panels will utilize the energy from the sun to create energy, which you can use to power your business. It’s a great way to reduce or eliminate expensive bills, and it is an effective way to protect the environment and earn the title of a green business.


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