Is a Career in the Public Sector For You?

Is a Career in the Public Sector For You

Some people go into the public sector to make the world better and promote social justice. Others like the job satisfaction, employee benefits, career progression, and job security that comes with working in the public sector. If you are interested in public administration, and would like to improve the services provided for people, you first need to make a decision whether or not you can put up with the challenging environment and the changing job requirements some of these positions come with. Read our guidance below.

Do You Have Relevant Qualification?

A degree in public administration is a good start if you want to secure a management position in public service. Depending on which department or agency you would like to join, you can also benefit from some management training and leadership courses. You might consider taking an Online public safety degree if you want to start a career in immigration control or crime prevention. Always check the requirements of the advertised role, and look for online courses that can improve your chances of getting accepted.

Are you Patient?

Building a career in the public sector requires patience. You will need to go through the official channels when applying for a promotion. While in the private sector your career progression is determined mainly by your skills, abilities, and performance, this might not be the case if you work for a government agency. You might have to wait long years patiently, before you can progress your career.

Do You Have Management Skills?

If you have studied any form of management, you can have a greater chance for a promotion than ordinary public sector employees. However, you need to keep on improving your leadership skills. Take extra courses, and focus on diversity, change management, and conflict resolution, as these skills are highly valued by organizations that serve the public. Your management skills will determine the speed of your career progression. Put them in good use whenever a new project comes up, and show them off to your supervisors.

Can You Put Up with Constant Changes?

Unfortunately, the public sector is often influenced by government policies and budgets, and change is constant in every department. If you are not a person who can adapt to change fast, and doesn’t like being told what to do differently every now or then, you might not be the right person for a job in the public sector. You need to be flexible, willing to learn new skills, and take on a new role whenever it is required.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Servant Leader?

Servant leadership is a relatively new idea, and means that you put the interest of stakeholders ahead of yours as a leader. You will constantly work on improving the lives of others. Applying servant leadership in the public sector can give you a great level of job satisfaction, and make you a leader that will initiate and follow up positive change.

Only you can decide whether a job in the public sector is for you. However, if you study how government organizations work, and how you can progress your career, you can make an informed decision.


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