Are Blu-Ray Players Still Worth It?

Are Blu-Ray Players Still Worth It

First there was VHS. Then DVDs came along and showed the outdated media format who’s boss. Then there was HD DVD, better known as Blu-Ray. It made the former model obsolete by outperforming it in every regard. Significantly upgraded video quality paired with discs that contained a multitude of extra scenes and features made Blu-Ray the multimedia format of choice for many years.

Unfortunately, the rise of streaming brought the fittingly blue-cased disc’s reign to a prompt end. These days it is much easier to simply turn on your Smart TV and open up your favorite streaming service, granting you instant access to countless movies and series for a fixed monthly cost. Gone are the days of driving to a video store to spend exuberant amounts on renting or buying the latest blockbusters.

But what if you’re not ready for the change? What do those who thought their Blu-Ray player would be a better investment do now? We’ll look at the alternatives, availability and compare costs to see whether using a Blu-Ray player is really viable in this day and age.

The Alternatives

The increasing affordability of high-speed internet has given consumers around the world easy access to almost any movie or series available today. This has rendered cable television virtually obsolete, which is why cable companies now offer similar services that make use of your satellite connection instead of internet.

Take South African cable company DSTV. They now offer a Catch Up feature, which allows subscribers to watch a large catalogue of movies and series from start finish without requiring an internet connection. But this doesn’t come cheap and you’re still subject to unskippable ads.

Let’s not forget the best alternative, which is simply subscribing to a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. The measly monthly fee grants you access to more media than you’ll ever be able to watch.


This should go without saying, but even with recent price cuts, building a sizeable library of Blu-Ray movies doesn’t come cheap. For the price of a disc or two, you can pay for at least a month of Netflix. If you factor in the hardware and installation costs, cable is no better. Even if you include the cost of internet, online streaming reigns supreme here.


Another issue with Blu-Ray is the lack of availability. Whether it be due to regional restrictions or simply not enough stores stocking the discs anymore, you’ll likely miss out on a ton of movies. Even cable television is a smarter choice here as you’ll have instant access to a vast variety of media. The same applies to streaming services.

It should be clear by now that Blu-Ray players, at least for the average consumer, are simply not a viable choice anymore. Whether it be due to how expensive it is or how little movies are available, this should generally be left to enthusiasts and collectors.

If you do have the money, by all means, go ahead and get yourself a good Blu-Ray player. The recent models even support 4K, allowing you to take full advantage of every pixel on your new TV. If you’re looking to copy your Blu-Ray discs to share them with friends or family, head over to and check out their useful burning software.


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