Four Steps to Determining Which Career Change is Right for You

New Career Opportunities

You are under no obligation to stay with the career that you first choose. You are allowed to change your mind, because you grow. Your interests change, you might be introduced to a field that you never knew about before, and you might simply not like your job. If the career you are in now is not what you were expecting, or you no longer like it, it is time to change your career. To help you find the right career for you, follow these five steps:

  1. Start with Your Qualifications

While you can absolutely go back to school to get qualified in the field that you want to, it is infinitely easier to find a career that you can just jump into. This means that your years of study won’t be wasted, and will also allow you to love your new job. For instance, mechanics who find the auto shop a bit boring might find their interests peaked by switching to the aviation industry. If you search “how much does an airplane mechanic make?” you’d be pleasantly surprised at the potential wage increase you would be looking at. You would, of course, need to get further qualified, but your previous qualifications won’t be for naught.

  1. Start Learning About the Industry

When you first want to change careers, it is important to research and ask questions about the industry you are interested in. It is very hard to determine if a field is the right fit for you before you actually get into it. That is why you should read up on the positions, the work involved, and more about the field you are considering. You can take this a step further and contact a few employees at top companies to ask them about what it is like working there. If you choose mid-level employees, they might be flattered enough to answer you.

  1. Try Doing an Internship or Temp Job to Start

When you have liked what you have learned so far about the industry, it’s time to dip your toes in. This is especially important if, in order to get hired, you will need certifications to continue. Getting an internship or a temporary job in the industry will allow you to get a taste of what the industry is like without committing to it. If you love the work you do, then it’s time to pursue it further.

  1. Are You Qualified?

Some jobs require you to be certified. These are typically jobs in the sciences, but many other industries need you to have the required qualifications in order to work, like law. If you do need these qualifications, it’s time to go back to school, go to night school, take courses online, or take short-term courses in order to meet the requirements that you need.

If, on the other hand, you are already qualified or there are no strict qualification requirements, it’s time to brush up your CV or resume and start applying.

It can be very scary to switch careers, but your work before the switch will be valuable, and can help you get the job over someone else. Do what you love, and persevere, because you deserve a fulfilling career.


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