Is Your Business Model Sustainable?

5 Ways to Build a Professional Brand

There are plenty of businesses out there who are only looking to make a quick buck. They set up, sell their unneeded product to an easily led market, and then disappear. But that’s not your business; your business has integrity, purpose, a plan. In order to differentiate yourself from these other businesses,  it is crucial that you think about your business model in the long-term. Does your company have what it takes to grow, to diversify, and to still be here in ten years time? Below are some things you need to consider if you want to ensure that your business has the potential to endure.


The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether the product or service you offer is something that is going to be needed or popular in the long term. If you have simply created the next fitness equipment fad, then you may need to start planning your next product straight away, before this one loses traction. If, however, you offer a service that will be continually needed or a product that effectively meets a requirement or gap in the market, then you are already one step closer to maintaining your company. It is important to be constantly re-evaluating what your customer’s needs are and how you can best meet them. Be innovative and bold. Don’t be afraid to be the first to change the game. 


A worker is only as good as his tools, so make sure you are using the best. It can be tempting when you first start up your business to stretch your budget a bit further by buying mid-range or cheap equipment. This is perfectly acceptable if you have a lot of costs to cover during the initial phase of your business plan; however, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not replace this cheaper equipment with something more high quality as soon as you can afford to. It could be something as simple the computers you operate from or the equipment specific to your niche that your employees are using. The key is to invest in products that will last and allow you to work more efficiently and effectively. For instance, a body repair shop would do well to research brands like Esab from to ensure the quality of their work; and a gym owner wanting sturdy equipment would be well-advised to look into companies like Eleiko.

Customer Care

Your business will only continue to thrive so long as you have customers to serve. Ensure that your business has a strong reputation for offering adequate after-sales care. Take any customer complaints or queries very seriously and respond to them as a matter of urgency. By ensuring that that customer care is second to none, you increase the likelihood of customers returning or recommending your services to friends or colleagues. If your product is what gets customers through the door, your service is what will keep them coming back.

This short list should have given you something to think about, and hopefully, you are on the right track to making sure that your business is still alive and well when you come to retire.


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