Giving Back to Help Shape the Future

Giving Back to Help Shape the Future

Managing to keep things fresh in your professional life is a perfect way to make every day feel like a brand new challenge and stop you from feeling stuck in a rut of monotony. The days of the job-for-life culture are long gone. Now, professionals will on average have as many as ten different jobs before turning forty. For some, this is a progression towards success, for others, it is a case of still finding their place in the world.

When it feels as if you may have achieved everything in life, it can be easy too just sit back and bask in your success, but this can soon get boring and you will no doubt get that itching feeling to get back out there. While you may not want to go back to work, there are other options available for you to give back and keep motivated.


Taking an active role in educating the future will provide you with a newfound purpose that will reignite any passion you may have lost over the years. By choosing to pass on knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs, mathematicians, or scientists you can see first hand what sort of impact you can have on the future.

Those interested in moving into teaching towards the end of their career can apply for an MA in Education online, whereby distance learning will allow you to stay at home and study at your leisure. No matter what your specialisation may be there is always the opportunity to pass knowledge on and work on making the future as bright as possible.


Working with those who have not had the same opportunities in life as you is one of the more noble causes you can undertake towards the end of your career. By volunteering at homeless shelters and halfway houses, you can take your career’s worth of experience and apply it to something (objectively) matters.

Using your experiences and knowledge to give those who may seem like they are walking along the wrong path can be hard and frustrating and, sometimes, ultimately pointless. But when the success does arise, you can feel as if you have done a little slice of good in a world that for them was previously filled with nothing but disappointment. 


Should you feel the need to scratch that professional itch, there is always the opportunity to mentor a protege to prepare him for the future. Many times, this can be done at your company whether it be after leaving or working towards retirement.

Identifying young employees with the highest potential will allow you to pass on your knowledge and experience and set them up for success in the future and give them the confidence to push on towards greater things.

So, if you ever come to feel as if you have exhausted all there is to do in your industry, and perhaps even in life, it can come as a pleasant and invigorating surprise to know that there is still work to be done. Identifying where you can pass on your extensive knowledge and experience to those just starting out in their careers will provide you with a newfound purpose that you won’t regret.


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