Key Business Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Key Business Trends to Look Out For in 2018

New businesses are cropping up around the country every single day. The ones that are successful usually end up contributing positively to society in ways such as creating new jobs, contributing to the country’s GDP, and making people’s lives easier through the products or services they offer. In order to run a successful business that is both profitable and that will be around in years to come, it’s necessary that you pay attention to what’s working for these successful businesses. This means keeping up with trends, so that you can apply them to your business practices where necessary. This article will look at relevant business trends that are predicted to dominate 2018. Hopefully, it should give you an insight on how to achieve greater heights in your business this year.

Remote Workers

Gone are the days when working from home was seen as a foreign concept. In 2018, you may see an increase in employees carrying out their work in the comfort of their own homes. Studies have shown that companies can save up to $20K a year just by choosing to have full-time remote employees as opposed to having them work in the office. Businesses may be realizing that just because an employee is working from home, it doesn’t mean they can’t be just as productive. Additionally, the increasing number of virtual employees has probably helped to prove that it can be done.

Personalized Content

In 2018, people may be less enthusiastic about interacting with brands that don’t have a human element to them. As a result, businesses are understanding how important it is to create content that is personal, intimate and relatable. Some organizations have chosen to outsource their content to digital marketing agencies to handle, while some are trying to manage it in-house. If you would prefer to outsource your content needs, you could see what content services reputable digital marketing agencies like DanMatt Media offer by following this link; If by chance, you opt to do it yourself, try and ensure you keep up-to-date with digital marketing trends and that you know your audience well. This year there is also buzz about the rise in generation Z, also known as “Gen-Z”. In response to this, businesses will most likely be trying to acquire as much knowledge as possible about this generation and how they can engage with them, seeing as they’re entering their formative years and could potentially become influential.

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re not aware of what artificial intelligence is, it is more or less the use of computer systems to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. It is likely that in 2018, more companies will look to artificial intelligence as an alternative to carrying out mundane and time-consuming tasks. Examples of these tasks could include scheduling, paperwork and time sheets to mention a few. While some argue that it will take away from the personal aspect of the business process, others argue that this form of technology makes it possible to focus on more important tasks.

Social Learning 

Traditional forms of learning are gradually changing in order to make way for what is known as social learning. If you’re wondering what exactly that is, it’s a way of learning through interacting with fellow peers. A primary example of social learning is when two colleagues stumble into each other during a bathroom break and then happen to end up exchanging ideas and knowledge. At the end of the interaction, they would have both more than likely gained valuable information. The use of social learning is likely to increase as it promotes self-direction and increases engagement during the learning process.

Change is inevitable, and this also applies to changes in the business world. Keeping up with the trends that are predicted to dominate this year, however, will ensure that you’re a few steps ahead and these changes don’t negatively affect your business. Remember, business success often requires a level of risk, so don’t be afraid to make the necessary changes you need to make to remain relevant. Hopefully, by doing so, 2018 will be one of the best years yet for your business.


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