AdvisorLeap is an accelerator for investors, brand houses, businesses and asset management firms.

In the wake of a striking Financial Crisis, investors are steadily moving from wire house brokers to fiduciary managers with outstanding strategies and performance. As this sentiment develops, there has never been a better time for independent firms to market and grow.

But most independent advisors lack the infrastructure to do so. The AdvisorLeap platform enables advisors to reach their ideal clientele, close the deal, and directly increase assets under management. This solution is achieved through the most practical and measurable methods of marketing and sales operations: online media combined with the human element of high-touch inside sales efforts.

AdvisorLeap, was founded in 2010. Our team is comprised of individuals with real experience raising assets for some of the industry’s biggest players, running the latest and most advanced online media campaigns, and bringing best of breed sales capability to clients. AdvisorLeap is funded through private angel investors.