Why AdvisorLeap

AdvisorLeap helps advisors raise assets that stick.

Seminars, print ads, networking events, and holding out hope for referrals.  These are some of the non-scalable methods leading even outstanding money managers to plateau in assets under management. But marketing is now automated relationship generation, not widespread branding in hopes someone will respond.

AdvisorLeap is the only digital advertising platform measuring success by cost per new AUM (CPAUM).   By that measurement, we’ve found that fee-only RIA’s are uniquely positioned to benefit from permission-based online media in their communities.  Prospects generated by this process are pre-disposed to your message and initiating dialogue because they are ready to make a change.

Once prospects are generated, most investment advisors do not possess an inside sales operation to vet and qualify these leads for the purpose of core wealth management.  The AdvisorLeap sales team is built on this industry experience.

Large institutional brokerage houses may offer access to independent investment advisors through brokers.  Some online platforms can also connect individual investors to investment advisors.  But once these platforms work with an advisor, they are not scalable solutions for long term value.  The account amounts are often small because investors are testing the performance of an investment advisor, and not willing to delegate the management of their core wealth. These accounts lack the “sticky factor” rooted in owning a personal relationship with the client.  Accounts can be withdrawn from the investment advisor just as quickly as they arrive. AdvisorLeap meets the needs of independent investment advisors to reach their own clients, own the relationship, and build their firms on assets that stick.