5 Great Ways a Business Person Can Make the Most of a Smart Phone

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Are you getting the most from your mobile phone? It is surprising how many people who own a mobile phone are not using it in the ways that would help the most; and this is particularly true of business people.  Firstly, if you are a business person with a mobile phone rather than a smart phone, you need to change… now.  Secondly, although there is a lot of technology for business people on the road, if you have a smart phone, make sure you are using it for the maximum effect for your business. If you are unaware of the capabilities, here are a few tips on using your phone as a business tool.


If you are not using Voice Over Internet Protocol in your business, you are paying too much for your inter-business telephone calls. With your staff also using their smartphones, you can easily contact employees whenever you want, and even conference call with them. You can do this when you are out of the office or inside it; all you need is the smart phone and internet


By using the sync function on your phone you will always be up to date with developments on your calendar, and will be able to organize your time between the office and on the road seamlessly. This will ensure no meetings are missed, no double bookings take place, and that your assistant has the same information as you.

International Communication

There is no longer any need to worry about roaming charges on your phone should you have business in another part of the world, as most phones can now be unlocked to use anywhere (if you need your phone unlocked why not try these out), but you will need to ensure it is possible before you actually buy your phone. The demise of roaming charges in Europe will help here, but outside of Europe, you will still have those roaming fees.


Keeping on top of your email is one of the most important things in business, and though you may have an assistant to help out, you should still be handling important clients directly and immediately. Being able to do so on the go is easy with a smart phone, and will make you look both professional and caring in the eyes of your major clients. Having your smart phone with you is like having a personal carrier pigeon service in your pocket… but without the mess.

File sharing

If you are not in the office and you need access to files or data, then your smart phone is the perfect way to access them at the drop of a hat. File sharing apps like Dropbox will allow you to store a huge amount of files and data, and will give you simple access to them on the road. This is also a great way to allow all your employees access to the files you decide to share, while also allowing you to choose which files you want to share.

Tracking Your Website

If your website is interactive with your customers, you need to be able to follow what happens on it to interact with them as soon as possible. Looking at your website to answer questions clients may have or to confirm the availability of a product or service, may make or break some deals and even businesses. If you are following it on your smart phone, you will always be able to keep abreast of developments.

Communication has come a long way since the nineties; so make sure you are making the most of it for your business.


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