Simple Ways to Save Money


Just a few dollars in your bank account, with more than a week for your payday, life cannot get any more difficult. If you can relate to the above scenario, then go ahead and read the article. With such a tight budget, it is imperative that you need multiple ways to save money. Saving money is not just about stopping to spend, what you need is a change in lifestyle and spending habits. Such a fundamental change creates a saving pattern which will help you throughout your lifetime. Here are some simple tips

  1. Don’t get envious about your neighbors:  If you feel that you are entitled to things that your neighbor owns, then you have already started losing the game. So, don’t get envious about the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 that your neighbor got for huge monthly rental, or crave for the top level cable tv package. Avoiding these can help you save a lot of money every year.
  2. Learn to leverage the saving power of coupons: Extreme couponing has become a common terminology these days. If you are also in to health, fitness and natural supplements then you can enjoy the twin benefits of staying fit and saving money by using iherb coupon.  You can also extend couponing in to grocery and fuel buying. Saving money by using coupons should become a part of family life. There are 1000s of online coupons, and there are physical coupons which you can access through newspapers. When you identify a reasonably good coupon, then make sure to load up in bulk. As long as the concerned item is not perishable you can load it up in bulk. You can always stock up items like tissue paper, soaps, toothpaste, shampoo and other related things. Only poor planning can prevent you from saving money.
  3. Cut Down Fuel Expense: Drive only when it is absolutely necessary. Gas prices may be at an all time low, however there is still a huge scope for savings. Own and maintain a fuel efficient car and if climate permits use a motor bike or bicycle whenever possible. You can save money and also save the planet in the process.

There is just a fine line between frugal living and being stingy and constantly whining about not having sufficient money to spend. If you are on a budget then it doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything you love and adore; you just have to make the right lifestyle choices and streamline your spending habits.


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