Dodge An Office Devoid Of Excitement With Job Options Like These

Professional Advice

A business office can be a rather dull and dire place when you think about it. Every day you’ll head to the same building surrounded by the same people completing the same mundane tasks. You will essentially be filing remarkably similar reports or moving numbers around. Wouldn’t it be great if you could escape this type of life? Well you can with these career options.

Be A Holiday Rep

Would you love to work in an exotic location showing people around new, exciting areas. As a holiday rep, this is your job in a nutshell. It’s your job to make sure that people’s holidays are as brilliant as they can be, filled with fantastic opportunities. Although we think the biggest advantage is that you’ll get to share in some of the fun.

Investigate Everything As A Journalist

Someone once said that journalists control how we perceive the world. While we’re not sure this is true they certainly have an interesting career. You’ll spend very little time in the office as an investigative reporter. For about four fifths of the day you will be out on the street talking to new people and following leads. It can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling.

Delivering Products

You might have noticed that the first two careers are quite competitive and you might need some highly sought after skills. So how about taking on a fun job where all you need is a license to drive. The infographic below explains how to obtain your CDL. Once you have that you’ll be free to deliver products for a living. How fantastic is that?

Infographic Created By Express CDL Testing


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