The Power of Video Marketing

The Power of Video Marketing

If you have spent significant time developing marketing strategies over the last few years, then you will know that the marketing sector is constantly changing to adapt to consumer demand.

As soon as mobile devices overtook desktop and laptops as the number 1 way to access the internet, there have been huge changes resulting from this. For example, websites must be mobile friendly in order to be as effective as they can possibly be. If people are visiting a website that is not fully mobile friendly or responsive to the monitor size of the chosen device, then the website visitor will soon get frustrated and leave the site. So, having your website and all of its content geared up for mobile users is essential.

You may come across websites that haven’t yet adapted to these changes in consumer demand; they will look like sites that are difficult to navigate and maybe the content is more text focused rather than any other content formats. What can look like a relatively short amount of text on a website when you view from a laptop or desktop can become text that fills screen after screen as a mobile device user scrolls down and this is not engaging for a website visitor.

What works much more effectively is a short video with attractive graphics and sound. What you can get across to a visitor in 30 seconds by video would take considerably longer by text, if they continue to read your text at all. That is why more and more people are turning to video marketing to sell their products or services.

The statistics behind video marketing success are more than enough to make non-believers take notice. For instance, stats like adding video to email campaigns can lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. Another fascinating stat shows that 90% of customers say that they are influenced by product videos when they are making a purchase. With these statistics, it is pretty clear that if you need to boost your sales, video is the content format that you need to be investing your marketing budget into.

Now creating videos doesn’t have to cost huge amounts, you just have to be creative with what you are doing. For example, a Fitness Instructor could use Facebook Live to show a 15-second clip of a class to get across how popular and fun it sounds, with loud music and people looking highly motivated working hard. This would be much more effective than say a website with a page of text that says ‘we have a popular 30-minute spin class that everyone enjoys and sees great results from…’

When you have spent some time working out what type of video content will work best for you and your business, you then need to look at the best way to get your video viewed. When improving your video marketing strategy, utilizing social media (to drive traffic, build up your viewers, likes and comments) or simply choosing to buy YouTube comments will prove crucial.


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