How to Get Started in the Red-Hot Field of Data Sciences

Data Sciences

Few fields are as exciting and hot as that of data sciences right now, as it proves to be the driving force behind all kinds of new technology. According to IBM, this is a field that is set to grow by an incredible 28% by the year 2020, so now is the time to get in the door. Data engineering jobs pay on average $117,000 per year, which is a rather impressive salary.

So, what happens if you’re looking to break into this field while it’s on the rise? How can you get started, make a name for yourself, and build your career? Here’s a look at the steps you can take that will help secure you a job in data sciences.

Get Educated

Before you can even think about getting a job in the field, you’ll need to get the proper educational training. An online masters in engineering from the University of California Riverside is an excellent way to go about getting that all-important education.

Its online master of engineering program is a specialized program that can be completed in as few as 13 months if you choose. All the studying and learning is done online, so you can work around your existing schedule. Not only that, but there are four different start dates in the year, which means it is incredibly accommodating. Where this program really excels is that it’s perfect for those who want to be leaders in the field, but also really love the technical side of things and still want to be very much hands-on.

Consume as Much Information as Possible

While your formal university training will certainly provide you with all kinds of knowledge and skills, it’s also important to consume additional information in your spare time. This includes watching webinars, attending industry events, reading the newspaper, and books that focus on data analytics, data coding, and statistics.

All of this additional content will only help you to be more well-rounded and a more attractive employee for potential employers. It will help you to stay up-to-date with current news, trends, programs, and skills that are in demand at the moment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Practice

We’ve all heard of the saying “practice makes perfect”, so why not apply this to your goal of working in data sciences? Why not go ahead and work on your own project idea as practice? Sure, it’s not exactly the same as working in the real world, but it’s a great way to put your skills and talents to work and see how things play out.

Find a Mentor

This is a tip that can be said of any field and any discipline. Finding a mentor in the field can be a real eye-opener. It gives you that glimpse at the industry so you know what to expect once you break into it. A mentor can also help you to make contacts, share mistakes and lessons they’ve learned, and provide you with all kinds of insight.


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