Are You Being Victimised at Work? Here’s What to Do

Are You Being Victimised at Work

No one should be made to feel bullied or singled out at work. It’s against the law for this to happen and it shouldn’t be accepted but it’s easier said than done when so much of this stuff happens without even being noticed by other people in the workplace. However, you can’t just accept it if you are feeling victimised in your place of work because it’s not acceptable. Here are the things you should do and the steps you should take if you want to put a stop this terrible problem.

Speak to Someone You Can Trust 

Before you take any further steps, you should discuss your experiences with someone who you trust and who you know will believe you. It’s never easy talking about negatives experiences like these but it’s something that definitely needs to happen if you want to move on and overcome the issue. It might not solve the problem, but it will put you on the right tracks. 

Go to the HR Departments 

If speaking to someone in your workplace didn’t really have much of an impact for you, you should head to the company’s HR department and lodge an official complaint. This can seem like a big step to take and many people are hesitant about it but if you are being bullied or harassed in any way, you need to have it dealt with by the company’s structures. 

Learn More About Your Employment Rights 

It’s essential to know where you stand on this issue before going any further. Everyone has employment rights that protect them in their place of work, and if yours have been violated or broken by the company or an individual within it, you’re within your rights to take action with the right legal help. First of all though, you need to learn more about what those rights are. 

Explore Unfair and Constructive Dismissal Options 

If you feel that your employment rights have been violated but you don’t know how to take legal action, you might feel the need to step down. After doing so, you can still take constructive dismissal action in a tribunal to get compensation. Or if your victimisation led to the point at which you were unfairly dismissed by the company, you can go to Anderson Gray lawyers for unfair dismissal claims help. There are opportunities out there for you to seek justice. 

Continually Record Your Experiences 

It’s good to have a record of exactly what’s being done and how often it’s happening. Those kinds of details can get lost or fuzzy over time so by recording them now, you will have them all written down and ready to go if you do pursue some kind of tribunal action later on. You should keep dates of when each incident happened and exactly what was said or done to you.

Your work should be comfortable and safe, so if that’s been taken away from you, don’t sit back and accept the situation for a second longer. Make the most of the advice laid out above.


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